What is Epsom salt and its health benefits ?

Today many suffer from joint pains and the only solution to get relief from the pain is by taking painkillers. Though the painkillers give instant temporary relief from the pain, excessive usage may cause side effects that damage kidneys. Few know this bitter truth but they may not stop using it, as there is no alternate way to escape from the pain.

The main intention of this article is to spread the naturopathy medicinal process to get relief from joint pains and other body pains. Naturopathy health treatments are very simple and cost-effective. By making small changes in your daily routine you can lead a healthy life from the following naturopathy.

In recent times we are seeing the new virus entering the world and it is causing multiple health effects on infected people. One of the common symptoms in the virus victims is long-lasting body pains. The fun fact here is by changing the salt you use daily, you can get a permanent solution for these body pains.

yes, you heard it correct. Naturopathy studies say that the usage of Epsom salt can help you in reducing joint pains and can increase your body health. let’s know about what is Epson salt and its health benefits?


What is Epsom Salt?

There is a difference between regular cooking salt and Epsom salt. The table salt is sodium chloride and Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. We use cooking salt for taste and as a preservative. But, we will use Epsom salt as a natural pain killer for sore body aches.

Both table salt and Epsom slat name similar and they look alike though their chemical properties are not the same. We cannot consume Epsom salt, instead, we can use it as a massaging agent.

How to use Epsom salt?

Grind the Epsom salt to a fine powder consistency and use it as massaging agent along with any massaging oils. Magnesium is a rich mineral required for our body that directly penetrates into your body with a message.

This can also be used with any massaging equipment along with other massaging sources. Generally, mustard seed oil or sesame seed oils are used as best massaging oils, along with these oils Epsom slat can be combined. Either you can combine the salt with any oils or apply the fine powder of Epsom salt after oil massage onto your body.

In a simple way, you can use Epsom salt in your hot water baths or steam baths. Add around 150 to 200 grams of Epsom salt to lukewarm water filled in your bathtub and take a relaxing bath for 10 to 15 minutes. we know that hot water relaxes our muscles and Epsom salt penetrates into your body to reduces the pains. This practice is effective in reducing heavy pains or sore body aches.

If you get leg pains or hand pains due to a hard workout, long walks take a bowl of lukewarm water and put a handful of Epsom salt to dissolve. Keep your legs and hands in the hot water bowl for a while and relax. This simple method relaxes you as well as relieves you from the aches.

Boil around 3 to 4 liters of water for a while and dissolve a handful of Epsom salt in it, wait till it gets mixed well. Now, take a clean cotton towel and dip into hot water, squeeze the towel and gently place it where ever you have pains.


We can use the Epsom salt every day as it won’t cause any other side effects. This is the best and cheap natural pain killer. Everyone of any age can use Epsom salt to treat body aches. It is widely available almost in every market, you can buy it either online or offline.

Hope the article is helpful to an extent. Do comment below your doubts or any other suggestions on this.


1.What is Epsom salt is for?

Epsom salt is best for reducing body aches and it is a natural pain killer.

2.What is Epsom salt made of?

Epsom salt is a chemical combination of magnesium and sulfate ions.

3.What is an Epsom salt bath good for?

Combining Epsom salt in hot water steams or baths helps to relax and reduce muscle pains.

4.What is Epsom salt and its health benefits?

Magnesium sulfate is known as Epsom Salt and it works as a natural pain killer to treat sore body aches.

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