What Every Home Chef Needs to Know About Meat Sticks

Meat sticks such as droewors are ground and flavoured meats pushed into a casing and processed through cooking and drying.

A variety of meats can be used for meat sticks such as beef, pork, turkey, chicken, and even game meats such as elk, bison, and venison. Meat sticks can be made with a single protein source, whereas others utilize a blend of proteins.


What is the difference between a meat stick and a beef stick?

Beef sticks are processed from beef, whereas meat sticks may be made with a blend of meats including but not limited to the following:

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Chicken
  • Exotic meats

Every beef stick is a meat stick, but not all beef sticks are considered meat sticks.

It is crucial to check the list of ingredients to ensure your meat stick is a quality product. Some makers of meat sticks are less reputable and will mix in lower grade meat cuts such as mechanically separated chicken and innards.

Make sure to purchase only 100% premium beef since it has an incomparable taste.

What is the difference between a meat stick and beef jerky?

Both are portable, high-protein, and flavourful. But there are few differences between these two popular meat snacks.

Both have evolved from their reputation as low-quality gas station ready-to-eat meals, evidenced by their growing popularity in food stores. You will find plenty of beef jerky and meat stick brands such as droewors on the market more than decades ago.

Beef jerky is processed from a single piece of meat, whereas meat sticks are encased in chopped meat.

Second, beef jerky tends to have a cleaner appearance compared to meat sticks. For a comfortable chew, beef sticks must have less fat in the mixture. As a result, beef jerky has lower calories than meat sticks, but both are excellent protein sources.

What is a meat stick made of?

If a meat steak is labelled as a beef stick, then it must be 100% beef.

Besides beef, meat sticks are made with seasonings such as salt, pepper, paprika, chile flakes and liquid ingredients such as soy sauce, Worcestershire, and H2O.

The meat is pushed into a casing. There are wide-ranging types of casing, from natural casing to collagen.

In some cases, beef meat sticks are fermented utilizing a starter culture. It provides it with a particular acidic twang.

Are beef sticks made with real meat?

Absolutely. Beef sticks are processed from real meat. But you must be cautious and purchase only from a quality product that uses the best ingredients since some will sneak in lesser quality meat. It may still be real meat but not the good stuff.

Are snack sticks healthy?

Snack sticks are high in protein, low carb, and an excellent source of minerals such as choline, zinc, and iron.

When consumed in moderation as part of a well-balanced diet, snack sticks have incredible health benefits.

Choosing the right snack is essential. But bear in mind that some commercial snack sticks are high in salt, sugar, and artificial ingredients. It cannot be reiterated enough: always check the ingredients label and research the brand you are purchasing from.

Meat stakes are savoury, tasty and flavourful. It is an ingredient that is easy to incorporate into meals and snacks. Many people can’t get enough of them. There are plenty of ways to enjoy meat sticks from diners and as an accompaniment to an ice-cold beer.


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