Top cloud computing skills you need to pick up in 2021

Top cloud computing skills you need to pick up in 2021: Cloud is the buzzing word today hence, a techie with more cloud tools knowledge is of high priority. A person with any cloud certifications (Azure, AWS, GCP) is having more chances of getting cloud engineer jobs.

Though cloud adoption is increasing rapidly from the year 2007 since the last two years cloud engineers’ demand is increasing. Many corporations and households are depending upon cloud migrations nowadays. Hence, the more cloud knowledge you possess, the more package and position you deserve.

You may get a doubt “Why industries are moving to cloud from on-premises”? There are many advantages of using cloud platforms listed here. But the cost reduction from on-premises to cloud hosting is the most attractive factor.


What is cloud computing and why cloud computing?

Cloud computing is nothing but hosting on-premises data to remote cloud data centers. Like on-premises, in the cloud also organizations can perform operations at a low cost. Cloud computing services are of three types listed below:

  1. Software as a service (SaaS)
  2. Platform as a service (PaaS)
  3. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

The public cloud computing services (AWS, Azure, GCP) are competing. According to analysis AWS and Azure are the top two cloud platforms on the list. The main reason behind investing in cloud services is to reduce the cost, gain more reliability, and high security. From 2007 big organizations started moving to on-premises. Since the last three years, even small-scale organizations are shifting to cloud platforms. This drastic change in cloud adoption is making more vacancies for cloud engineers across the world. Hence, one with more cloud knowledge in any of the cloud environments is worth it to corporate recruiters.

Top Cloud Computing Skills on demand this year

If you have thought of building your career on a cloud platform, then this skill list may help.

1.Cloud Security

For any organization, security is the first concern before securing any new features. The demand for cloud security engineers is more. To learn cloud security skills, one can go for cloud security professional certifications. This course is just a 7-hours learning module from respective cloud providers. It comprises various modules like cloud application security, cloud architecture security, common vulnerabilities, and risks.


DevOps is the practice of integrating development and operations throughout the software development lifecycle. Knowing about the DevOps practices is a necessary skill for a DevOps Engineer/Architect. DevOps practices include “creating VM’s, networking, database management, security, Administration”. Expertise with any of the following skills helps you to become a DevOps professional.

3.Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

Along with the word DevOps/ cloud computing, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are growing technologies. The demand for cloud engineers, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning engineers are expected to be increasing rapidly. Cloud computing is also known as Infrastructure as a service by AWS organization, which provides Infrastructure and computing resources for organizations to experiment. Machine learning technology is evolving over years and now it is machine learning as a service MLaaS.

From the last few years, one should possess Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence as mandatory skills along with cybersecurity. If you add your resume with Machine learning and AI, you can stock up your annual package.

4.Cloud Migration and Multi-cloud Deployment

If you are searching for a DevOps job now, you may see cloud migration and multi-cloud deployment skills in Job requirements. These are the most required skills for a DevOps job seeker. Many organizations are trying to migrate their applications and data to the cloud, for which cloud migration knowledge is a must.

Organizations are trying to recruit the best DevOps people with proper skills to do database backup, migrating organizations to the cloud. Migrating to the cloud isn’t an easy task, it involves high risk and low downtime. Particularly one must know different cloud platforms Azure, AWS, and GCP.


Automating manual tasks is the key requirement involved in DevOps practices. With the help of automation, most of the manual tasks can be automated. Many organizations are investing in automation tools and automation professionals to reduce cost, to save time.

Some of the most popular tools you may see in recruitment portals are “Jenkins, Chef, and Terraform”. Learn these three tools to automate various tools like Jenkins-build automation, chef/Ansible – configuration management, terraform – also build automation tools.

6.Network management

Along with all the above-mentioned skills, some knowledge of Network management is also helpful to get a good position. So, cloud knowledge and the ability to integrate it with networking is a boosting skill to your resume. If you wish to be a cloud engineer, you need to be able to keep the cloud network responsive and stable.

Users expect zero downtime and more security assurance for the critical application. To meet all these network-related client requirements, one should possess basic networking knowledge. Also, you can keep an eye on the working of virtual networks in real-time

Prerequisites for learning cloud computing

Thinking about cloud computing as a career then you must have some OS skills as prerequisites. Knowing Linux administration, windows administration helps you to learn the cloud. Other scripting languages like Bash commands, PowerShell, Linux commands, Python scripting, Terraform, XML, YML, and JavaScript. It is not mandatory to learn all these scripting languages but master any one of them to automate cloud tasks.


Top cloud computing skills you need to pick up in 2021: Cloud computing isn’t too hard or too easy to learn but anyone can learn if you have proper planning and zeal to procure. As of my experience, one can pass cloud associate certification within 30 days, by practicing every day for one hour. Completing cloud certifications enhances getting more recruitment calls and a fruitful salary package.

Once you feel that you are ready with the skills, then build an attractive resume and post it on various employment portals. Refer to the below Q&A if you too have any myths regarding cloud job skills. Comment below to know any more information about cloud skills. Top cloud computing skills you need to pick up in 2021


1. If I am not good at coding, can’t I learn cloud?

This is just an illusion, anyone can learn cloud computing though they are not coders. But basic scripting knowledge is required.

2. Can a fresher learn cloud computing?

Stop believing in this myth, A fresher with good knowledge of cloud computations and cloud tools can become cloud engineers.

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