Top 10 reasons to learn AWS in 2021

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most demanding cloud technologies in 2021. We can believe that the demand for the cloud technologies like AWS, AZURE, GCP may increase drastically from 2021. But the question is“what are the top 10 reasons to learn AWS in 2021”? There are more than 10reasons behind suggesting AWS But let’s see the “top 10 reasons to learn AWS in2021” in this article.

The word clod is buzzing today, it is changing the IT firms now. we can list many advantages of using cloud computing over on-premises to store and process our data. One can gain complete control and visibility over their data with the cloud. Top 10 reasons to learn AWS in 2021. The cloud methods are reducing the IT costs of various aspects. Also, some other advantages like scalability, business continuity, collaboration efficiency, access to automatic updates, and flexibility of work practices. Top 10 reasons to learn AWS in 2021.

Among all the available cloud technologies AWS is ranking top today in the market. Though Azure cloud and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) are giving tough competition, its standing on the top with various best practices. So according to the current cloud market, the demand for cloud engineers with AWS knowledge is very high. Top 10 reasons to learn AWS in 2021. If you are thinking to build your career as a cloud engineer, you can choose AWS cloud technology like cloud technology.


1.Affordable pricing and Free-Tier access

A fresher with no prior experience can also learn AWS for free with hands-on practice. Aws has come up with a free learning platform called a free-tier AWS account for learners. Anyone can sign-up for this account with a valid email and bank account. The users of free-tier accounts get some free services forever, some limited services like EC2, S3, Amazon RDS, and Elastic load balancing. Though there is a limit for usage, that is enough to expertise in AWS. Once the limit gets over you can make the account pay-as-you-use according to your requirement at the best pricing. Hence you can learn AWS lambda for free with the free-tier AWS account. Lear AWS basics for free and get the free learn AWS pdf guide to know about the AWS certifications.

2.AWS provides Flexible and Scalable services

Any organization can easily adopt AWSscalable services automatically. It is possible to enhance or decrease the resource capacities as per the requirements. Where businesses do not need to handle the physical infrastructure constraints. With the flexibility, one can up-scale or down-scale as per the need. Also, it is handy to stop or start any number of servers any number of times.

3.High Security

Security is one of the important features that any organization always looks for. AWS promises high security and the best privacy to all its customers. There are no additional charges for maintaining the security. They provide 24/7 protection over vulnerable and suspicious activities. If any disturbances occur they can be recoverable with the data recapture option. Acquiring strong knowledge of AWS securities and privacy policies adds to your resume and you can get landed into jobs like AWS administrator or AWS engineer.

4.High paying jobs available for AWS engineers

Due to the AWS best features and offerings organizations are looking for AWS skilled professionals. They are offering high packages for AWS engineers which is greater than any other developer. If you think “is it worth learning AWS?” The answer is yes, it is worth learning AWS. Depends on the skill set you possess you can get positions and salary packages accordingly. If you open any employment website, you can notice the demand for AWS engineers across the world.

Different regions of the world are paying different packages to AWS skilled people. Based on the IT skills salary survey the average salary AWS solution architect is around $130833 in Canada and the US. The salaries and demand for AWS professionals are consequently increasing.

5.AWS is the fastest growing cloud service

Cloud tools and technology usage are growing exponentially in enterprise IT departments. With the help of automation tools of AWS, they can drastically reduce the cost and can increase flexibility, productivity, reliability. Also, AWS has the highest sales in 2019 and it holds 46% of its share on overcloud provider shares.

As many organizations are looking forward to acquiring AWS, the job opportunities for AWS skilled are going to increase. So, learn AWS from scratch and get expertise in cloud technologies to become a cloud engineer.

6.AWS API’s adds the Efficiency

AWS APIs can be used to perform various tasks like launching new instances, taking backup, and more. It is providing high visibility such that any number of users can use its APIs and also collaborate with other third-party tools that can reduce time and cost. Along with AWS, you can learn many other third-party cloud tools like Ansible, docker according to your convenience.

7.Abundance of resources to learn AWS online

Being a tough cloud competitor in the IT world is not enough. To spread awareness among all, Amazon is providing some free learning paths and paid certifications. You can go through the learning modules provided by amazon and can attain certifications to get into top recruiters. Also, one can find different platforms to get AWS cloud certifications. Before attending the main certification exam, you can practice through mock tests. Many AWS communities are there to give proficient guidance to beginners.

If you search for “how to learn AWS for free” or “how to study for AWS certification” on the internet, you may also get some effective PDFs and video lectures.

8.Corporate firms are migrating to AWS

Most IT firms are interested in cloud computing. Amazon is providing the low-cost migration from the existing platform to the AWS cloud. However, migration from existing platforms to the cloud is not an easy task. Hence, the organizations require cloud engineers to perform the migrations operations.

By keeping a note of all these things, you can prepare accordingly with cloud technologies. Keeping yourself up to date with the current tools of AWS cloud you can tackle all roadblocks and connection issues.

9.Cloud computing is must learn for IT professionals

You may wonder why cloud computing is must learn for IT professionals? when there are other trending jobs like development, software operations support, cybersecurity, Blockchain. As per IT, expert’s analysis around 76% of the software employees is expected to have cloud proficiency by2025. For the sake of digital transformation, AWS is planning to train more students and IT professionals. To enhance the cloud skills, some of the cloud providers including AWS are collaborating with educational institutions and IT organizations.

10.AWS certifications bring credibility

Along with the knowledge of AWS cloud, if you have AWS certifications you can grab the attention of potential employers. Holding at least one AWS certificate can keep up your resume on the top position. Certifications also help to create a good network of people, which may assist you in building your career. Amazon is also collaborating with educational institutions and IT firms to provide additional certification training. If you start clearing the certification exams at the early stages, you can see the career growth parallelly. The more levels of certifications you do the more you grow and earn.


As per today’s survey, AWS is the best cloudtechnology. By learning AWS, you can experience better growth and earn the highest packages. If you are a fresher or experienced IT professional and thinking to make cloud your career option. Then start it today and master’s in it, if possible, go certifications to get numerous package options. Hope the information on “top 10 reasons to learn AWS in 2021” is helpful to you, comment if you got any questions regarding how to learn AWS cloud.


1.How to learn AWS?

If you can define the need of learning AWS (study or career) it is easy to learn AWS and AWS Reddit. There are various AWS services available out of which you may need selective services for your current need. List them all out, start gathering the best resources of learning and get expertise in it.

2.How long to learn AWS?

The time to learn AWS depends upon your current status (student or experienced IT professional) and future requirements. If you are from an IT background you can easily learn AWS in a month.

3.Is AWS easy to learn?

Yes, one can learn AWS very quickly in months depending upon your prior cloud knowledge or IT experience.

4.Should I learn AWS or cloud?

Both AWS and Azure are great cloud providers. As both the technologies are having good demand in the market. You can go for Azure or AWS certifications to get a job quickly.

5.Is AWS training free?

Yes, Learning AWS through AWS’s free-tier portal is free to some limit, which is enough to gain completed AWS knowledge. Some of the AWS services are free for a lifetime also. But certifications are not free.

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