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We all are habituated to ready to eat or ready to cook foods bought from super market. May be theses foods are not good for months babies. We are not known the real ingredients and food recipe of that brought from supermarkets. A mother or caretaker can decide the baby food recipes as they observe the baby food habits from initial days.

If you you are not knowing how to identify the correct food recipe for your baby, here are some tips to identify. Right nutrition for right age is necessary for babies for healthy growth. If you don’t know how to cook baby food, internet can help you with best baby food recipes. all you need to do is choose non-allergic food ingredient’s.

When should we start solids?

By the age of 4 to 6 months baby will become more active, by this time breast milk or formula milk alone does not sufficient for their growth, so we can start solids.

Before starting solids we should observe some signs in baby or we should ask our doctor whether the baby is ready to take solids or not. Sometimes doctors recommend to start solids between 4 to 6 months, when the baby completely on formula milk or baby is not gaining weight.

What are the early signs we should observe in baby?

  • Baby has doubled their birth weight.
  • Baby has good head and neck control and can sit with or without support.
  • Showing interest or trying to grab food (when you are eating infront of them)
  • Opening their mouth when you offer some food.
  • Begins to secrete saliva around mouth.(which means the digestive system is getting ready to digest solids)

When I started to my baby?

I started to my baby by his 5th month.

What should we give at first?

  • Fruits
  • purees (banana, apple, pear)
  • Vegetable purees(carrot, sweet potato)
  • Cerelac (single ingredient-rice or oats)

Try to give variety of foods which are healthy and having good nutrients

What I supposed to give at early stages?

I started with banana puree.

How much quantity and when should we give?

Start with 2 to 3 spoons, then increase gradually day by day according to your baby. Start by feeding once a day, then make it to 2 to 3 times a day. At early stages feed solids in midmorning or early evening.

How can we know that if baby have any allergic or any intolerance of food we given?

At starting give one type of food for 2-3 days and check baby has any allergy(rashes) or intolerance(vomiting, motions, constipation, stomach pain)with that food.

Do the same whenever you are introducing the new food.

Texture of the food at starting?

At starting (5-6 months)-given only purees. During 7-9 months try mashed or minced food(but not puree) Use spoon or food masher to mash the food. We can also start finger food at this age. Don’t leave the baby alone while having finger foods (be with them). From 10 months-meals should be like adult meal(should be chopped or minced with texture) that helps to encourage baby to chew.

Finger foods to be given?

Soft fruits-banana, Mango, Avocado. Vegetables-steam cooked and finely chopped soft vegetable pieces (carrots, beans, peas, sweet potato).

How do we create a food routine and What we have to do when not eating ?

  • Baby needs focus to eat, so start a routine where we wash their hands and then sit them down with us to eat and maintain calmness by turning off screen (tv /mobile) and also If possible try to eat together (family)with the baby. This will helps baby become conscious to eating.
  • when baby is not eating new foods add some breast milk and give.
  • Allow them to touch, play and taste the food and don’t worry about the mess(this makes a positive experience to them to eat)
  • If the baby refuses any food at early stages, don’t force, try again after 5 or 6 days.

How do we prepare the baby food?

Soft fruits (banana, mango, papaya, etc..)should be in pureed form. Vegetables and some fruits (which needs to boil -apple, pear) should be steam cooked and make puree.


Before 6 months doesn’t need water only breast milk or formula milk is enough for baby who is around 6 months old, you can offer small amounts of cooled boiled tap water.

Breast milk or formula should still be their main drink up to 12 months of age. After 12 months, their main drink should be water and cow’s milk or breast milk. You can offer water or milk in a cup. There’s no need to boil tap water once your baby has reached 12 months.





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