Laser Marking Machine Basics – The Beginner’s Guide


In elementary terms, laser marking is a procedure that uses a beam of intense light to make a precise and eternal mark on a variety of surfaces, counting materials similar steel, titanium, copper, glass, ceramic, plastic, and wood.

Laser marking machines can generate marks similar barcodes, serial numbers, and graphics. There are huge benefits of laser marker


Better Quality

One of the main benefits of using laser engraving is that it permits you to brand your products with high-grade markings. Spending on a laser marking machine is a big choice, and when you make an investment similar that, you want to see noticeable results Marcatore laser prezzo . The beam used in laser marker is computer-driven, which means each mark it is printing would be precise.

Competitive Edge

Another advantage of using laser engraving is that it could help you add exclusivity to your brand. In today’s marketplace, the competition is pretty tough, and if you want to get onward of the competition, you would have to add an edge over your contestants. Laser machines permit you to get imaginative with your engraving, and you could make your branding look gorgeous, which could add more value to your products. It moreover makes the products noticeable, and you could track the inventory more proficiently.

Laser markers could work with diverse materials

Another great entity about laser markers is that they work fine with many diverse materials. This is vital since a lot of industries use diverse kinds of materials before they manufacture products plus parts. Laser markers could work with materials, for example glass, metals, plastics, silicon, and ceramics.

Laser markers are ecologically friendly

The procedure of laser marking is ecologically friendly. It’s since it does not use chemicals or inks, which are found in several other customary marking techniques.

How Much Does a Laser Marker Cost?

If you have an idea to purchase an inexpensive laser marking machine, you might wonder how much does it cost? how to get a fair price otherwise final price? According to diverse laser powers, laser software, laser sources, control system, spare parts, driving system, kits, other hardware and software, you would get a final price range from $3,500.00 to $70,000.00. A fiber laser marker cost is from $3,500.00 to $28,500.00. A CO2 laser marker price is from $4,500 to $70,000.00. An UV laser marker price is from $10,000 to $30,000.00. If you want to purchase abroad, the fee of tax, customs clearance as well as shipping costs must be included in the final price.


In the early days of manufacturing autos, companies simply used handwritten stickers to label the significant parts of cars. From that, tags have progressed to stylish bar codes that are laser patent on the car parts being treated. And it is great to know that laser markers could be used in several other industries. So, if you are planning on getting your own laser marker for your engineering company, make certain that you select a machine that could match your production line flawlessly.


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