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How to merge layers in Photoshop?

If you are good at photoshop and editing, you might have heard of the term merging layers in Photoshop. Layers are the key highlights of any image that changes the quality of the photo. Professional Photoshop editor’s work is always associated with Layers to differentiate the features like shape and text. Sometimes even you may have to merge layers in Photoshop while editing, this article helps in finding ways on how to merge layers in photoshop.

How to merge layers?

You may decide to flatten the image to sharpen it for uploading to the web or using the image in another layout. But, remember that flattening results in losing the photo canvas and shape. Hence, it is best practice to merge layers in Photoshop to save all its features as it is.

Merging layers is not an option that you find in Photoshop applications. It’s a keyboard shortcut that you need to remember though you may not like remembering keyboard shortcuts.

Steps to merge layers in Photoshop:

You can find many possible methods to merge layers in Photoshop but let me explain to you the simplest and effective method here. Click F7on your keyboard to find the layers or click on the “window” button on the top of the photoshop.

Step 1: Always choose the top layer from the layers

When you try to add a new layer to the photo, it will paste it on the top of the current layer that is selected. Hence, always select the top layer carefully from the available layers, so that it will be placed on the chosen layer. Refer to the image below to get a better idea.

Step2: Now onto a new layer merge the copy of layers

The keyboard shortcut to merge on windows PC is Shift+Ctrl+Alte+E and for Mac PC it is Shift+Command+Option+E this is just a simple combination of three modifier keys and E. Now, merge the copy of layers onto the new layer using the keyboard shortcut trick.

After merging open the layers panel again and check for the brand-new channel on the top of all the layers available. In the document of layers, this new layer keeps the merged copy of all the above layers.

Step 3: Rename the merged new layer

After merging it is suggested to rename the modified layer according to your convenience. Renaming is just a simple process by double-clicking on the default name. Give the new name and press enter to save it.

That’s it, you are done with merging layers in Photoshop. Now you may get the question of why flattening is not a good practice? Let me explain the reason behind choosing merging layers instead of flattening.

Why not flattening a Photo method?

Flattening is also a simple method to merge layers, as you can do it in two simple steps. Group all layers to the “Layer” menu in the menu bar. Then select the option “Flatten Image”.

But, Because of flattening you may lose all the image layers. By saving the flattened image all the layers are lost permanently, and you cannot use them in the future.

Nonetheless, you have an option to undo the changes from the “Edit” menu and then select “Undo Flatten Image”

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