How to Invest in Gold?

It is more important to manage your income properly than to earn more money. Invest your earnings wisely so that you make profits out of them. Make a plan about investments and start doing as early as possible. When it comes to investments, you can invest your inflow in many ways like a savings account, share market, Buy land or invest it in gold. If you plan to invest in gold and if you have these questions “How to Invest in Gold?” Then this article is for you.

Making appropriate financial plans with your inflow and outflow will keep you away from unnecessary financial problems.  You may have certain questions in your mind about investing in gold in multiple ways. How to buy solid gold? How to buy gold accounts? How to do Internet investment? How to buy gold derivatives and gold mining stocks? All these questions are answered below.


How many ways to invest in Gold?

From ancient times gold has become part of currency choice for the world. Experts suggest investing in commodities wisely including gold to reduce portfolio risks. Let’s know how to invest in gold in many forms including gold bars, jewelry, mining companies, and mutual funds. But your investment in gold bars the only direct investment in gold.

Gold Bullions or Gold coins

Investing in gold bullions is the best way in the form of direct gold investments. But is just an assumption that the gold bars are always in their pure form. It depends on the variety of gold compositions you are choosing. While buying there are certain certifications you will receive regarding the weight and purity of gold bars. The same follows when you buy coins, bars, or any other sort of liquid gold. To secure these commodities these bars and coins are assigned a unique serial number.

There arises a question again “Which one you should buy, gold coins or gold bars?” the answer simple. If you are a long-term investor in gold then you can buy gold bars. If you wish to invest in gold for a shorter period and resell it whenever you want, then go for smaller gold coins. Because you while buying the price of gold bars is comparatively low, but it is not profitable while reselling. So invest in either gold coins or gold bars after considering all the consequences.

Gold ETF’s and mutual funds

If you are not ready to invest in direct gold commodities due to security reasons then Gold mutual funds are the alternatives. But there are many myths on these mutual funds like “Is it safe to invest in gold mutual funds?” Actually, by investing in Gold mutual funds you can diversify your portfolio and the risk rate is lower. Comparatively, you can invest a low amount and they only require minimum investments. You will get the ease of ownership here and you do not need any individual company research.

In another way, you can invest in gold ETFs (Exchange-traded funds). Before investing in Gold ETF’s you need to open a Demat account trading account.  Gold units are part of the stock exchange market so you can buy your shares or units from here also. The advantage over owning stocks instead of physical gold is you can escape from making charges. Hope I have answered another question “How to invest in gold online?”

Gold mining companies

The gold mining companies also attain profits, when the price of gold increases in the market. You can invest in gold mining companies also as you can get similar returns like any other method and lower risks.

Due to the global operations of gold mining companies across the world, you can expect good returns during lower gold market prices. Some of the companies consider fall and rise in gold prices as a normal thing on the other some may not admit it. Anyhow one needs to have enough knowledge to invest in any individual gold company. Hence, many investors do not show their interest in investing in gold mining companies.

Gold Jewellery

From all other methods of investing in gold, you will enjoy owning it in the form of jewelry more. It is estimated that out of total gold production, 49% is used for making jewelry. The demand for gold jewelry and considering it as wealth is increasing globally. If you decide to invest in gold jewelry the best way is to buy from estate sales and auctions. This way you can skip the retail mark-ups, but you may have to spend more time here.


Finally, I would like to conclude on each buying options. When you invest in the amount of buying gold bars, you can own them physically instead of holding a piece of paper. But the thing is hereafter considering the storage costs and other melting operations you may see only fewer profits.

Hope you have gone through all the investment options. Now choose an option to invest with gold and save your inflow for the future. Also, read the below FAQs listed from commonly asked questions on gold investments. Another way best method in finance is Self managed super fund fees.

  1. Does it pay to invest in gold?

The answer is yes. There are both pros and cons in investing in gold, choosing a wise option may help you in getting profits. Start investing in any form of gold and get knowledge out of it.

  1. Is it worth investing in gold 2021?

Yes, after seeing the hike in gold prices during the last year 2020. Experts suggest investing a bit in this yellow metal as a good option. The year 2021 is expected to show around a 20-25% hike in gold prices.

  1. Can I invest in gold mutual funds?

Yes, you can invest in gold mutual funds similar to equity shares. You can purchase gold ETF units if you have a valid Demat account. This is known as the best and safest method to invest in gold.

  1. Which is better to invest in gold ETFs or gold funds?

The answer is, it is good to spend in gold ETF units. Because, when you trade with gold ETF’s both the buyer and seller get benefited from its liquidity and prices.

  1. How much should I invest with gold?

One can allocate around 5-10% of their income in gold or gold

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