How to get a job in New Zealand?

Nowadays almost every graduate’s dream is to get a job overseas. Everyone has the skills and capability to work but, all you need is proper guidance to reach your dream destination. This article is for you if you are looking fora job in New Zealand and your question is “How to get a job in New Zealand?”.

Applying for jobs in New Zealand before getting your visa is legal and acceptable. Which means you can start your job trails from your place itself. Though you cannot start working before getting your visa you gain interview experience to tackle your fears.


Get ready for your job

Before starting your job hunt, it is good to prepare yourself and plan for the future to get rid of stress. You can choose the place, where you want to live and pre-book your accommodation. Spend time to get information about New Zealand employers, salaries, work culture, etc., and tune your mind accordingly.

Search for New Zealand Employers

If you have decided on the field in which you want to work, and then start searching for New Zealand Employers. Find out the best Employers recruiting skilled employees. Do research about the employers, read the reviews of the employees, and know about the interviewing style them.

Visit careers. employment website for job opportunities in New Zealand. Find roles that fit your skills, if there are no roles for your current skills you can also get suggestions from this site. If you are coming to New Zealand with a migrant or work visa, as a skilled professional then this website can help you in finding jobs.

Approach the job websites and recruitment companies

Approaching popular employment websites of NZ is one of the best options for you. Create your profile; update your resume and other skills-related data. They may respond back if your skills match their requirements. Below are the Best employment websites to apply for jobs in New Zealand where you can apply online. I think you can give it a try by applying through these sites.

  • Seek
  • TradeMe
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • Career jacket
  • Backpacker Board
  • JustLanded
  • LinkedIn

Some of these websites also help you to know the immigration rules, visa-related guidelines, other terms, and conditions. But do not keep these options as the primary ones to find your job. Because the success rate of getting a job through employment job portals is 0.5 to 1.00% only.

There are certain recruitment agencies in New Zealand to recruit migrant job seekers. They will handle all kinds of jobs like skilled, unskilled, part-time, and temporary. Though there are many private recruitment agencies in New Zealand, here are some top ones.

  • Momentum
  • Robert Walters
  • Adecco
  • Frenz
  • Seasonal solutions

Also, you can visit the skill shortage list to view the skill shortage list and demand for professions.

Choose your field of work

Like any other country in the world, New Zealand also has multiple fields and cultures. They are welcoming migrants to work in different fields like internships for students, software or hardware jobs, industry works, Hotels and catering, Teaching, Tourism, Farm work, Hostel work, fruit picking, and packing.

Choose your sort of work out of these and search for vacancies in your field. The added advantage is New Zealand is providing work holiday visa for those between 18 to 30 years. This visa is valid for six months where you can work and explore the country.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment have declared the most demand jobs in New Zealand. According to its survey, below are the areas with good opportunities for the coming years.

  • Engineering
  • Health education
  • Business services
  • Retail and social care
  • Construction fields

Polish your Resume and personal skills

This is a very common point that you need to update our resume accordingly, as every place will have different resume formats. Do research on the internet to build your resume according to New Zealand’s job market. Choose the best resume format for New Zealand jobs and style your resume, do not forget to highlight the key skills.

It is also important to enhance your existing skills according to new job employers of New Zealand. Get to know about the interview-related questions from reviews available on the internet. Prepare yourself with all these skills and give mock interviews to get confidence.


Hope this suggestion on “How to get jobs in New Zealand?” This country is having breath-taking landscapes around.  Also, it is listed as one of the best countries to work abroad in 2021. Adding to this also consider other aspects before choosing New Zealand as your dream destination.

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