How to get a job in Canada?

Today’s youth across the world are more fascinated to get jobs in foreign countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc. The reason behind choosing a foreign country might be anything, but one should be ready with all prerequisites fulfilled before landing there. This article is for those who wish to get a job in Canada and have a question in their mind “How to get a job in Canada?”.

This article will answer your common questions related to visa, job search, accommodation, and culture of Canada. It’s not a big deal to get a job in Canada if you possess a valid degree, visa, fluent English and fulfill other basic requirements.


About Canada

Canada is the second-largest country by land in this world with less population compared with California. There are more things to discuss the beauty and diversity of Canada but let’s concentrate more on the question “How to get a job in Canada?”.

Canada is keeping its doors open for skilled migrants from Syria and around the world. Canada is having an insufficient population; hence, they are finding people from around for labor. According to a survey Canada is accepting almost 3,00,000 migrants every year. Also, the Canadian government is planning to invite more migrants in the coming years. All these are the positive signs that can strengthen your plan for Canada’s migration.

Visa and immigration guidelines for Canada

There are many possibilities to travel to Canada, you can choose any of these. You can get a permanent residency to settle down there for a long time or you can get work permits to work temporarily. There are multiple immigration options for you like Express Entry (If you are a skilled worker), Provincial Nominee program (If you are nominated by a specific province), Family sponsorship.

When coming to work permits, you can choose one of the two kinds of work permits: openwork (You can work for any employer) permits and employer-specific work permits (you have to work for only specific employers).

You need to go through all immigration rules and laws on work permits before. Prior to your travel plan Provide enough time for document verifications and other formalities. It’s better to get suggestions from someone on work permits and job search in detail.

Consider these things before starting a job search in Canada

There are certain factors that you need to consider before starting your job search in Canada. Let’s discuss all the factors in detail.

Place to Live

Canada is a country with both metropolises and remote areas. You must get all the details of the location where you are going to work. Choose the nearest place to live according to your budget. You do consider your choices food habits, living environment, and speaking skills of either English or French.

The parts of the country are well known for their culture, varieties of food, and sceneries. You can choose the best one and pre-book your accommodation.

Language proficiency

You might have known that English is the official language of Canada. But both French and English are the official languages of Canada. If you are proficient in either of the languages, then you might have good chances of getting a job early.

Another cautious thing you must know is: if you choose to live with French-speaking people you need to acquire French proficiency too. Because here the employer may ask their employees to provide the documents in French. Keep in mind that in Canada French language is being protected by Law.

Kind of work

Before starting your job search anywhere it is important to choose the type of industry in which you want to grow. If you are giving a fresh start or career switch or well experienced in the industry already brush up your skills accordingly to get into a good job.

How to get a job in Canada?

By this time, you will have a plan on where to live, how to start your job search. Now, before starting your job hunt in Canada do follow some of these suggestions.

Brush up your Resume

The resume formats and styles change from place to place, so do not stick to your old resume. Polish your resume according to new employers’ requirements in Canada. It’s better to do research on the internet about the best resume writing skills to get a job in Canada.

Create a network of people

Job search overseas is not a simple task, you may send thousands of job applications, but you may hear back from one or two.

This is just common to every fresh start though it is frustrating. Get in touch with your friends, family, or friends of friends who live there. Then it might become easy for you to get a job in less time.

Be in touch with people who are in the specific fields already. Get advice and guidance on enhancing your skills. Give some mock interviews to attain the confidence to tackle the fear. Create your network with the same kind of people to make your job search easy.

Though there are many ways to get a job in Canada, make your way narrow by choosing a job board. Also, you can connect through the employer directly from their website. Like any other place in the world, Canada is also having some job boarding companies, consult them for better options.


Though most people dream of getting a job overseas and having a better lifestyle, it is not that easy without a proper plan. But there are a huge number of ways and opportunities around you, go and explore all the opportunities to catch your dream job. Hope this article is helpful for finding a job in Canada. Comment below your review and refer to my blogs for other interesting content.

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