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How to download qooapp apk?

In Japan, Qooapp is the leading Google Play Store alternative. Yes, the features it offers, as well as the games and apps it offers, are some of the best in the world. If you’re a gamer who wants to play a Japanese-style RPG or just want to try something new on your phone, Qooapp for Android and iOS is the app for you. It also has a large selection of comics and current events.


What is qooapp?

Qooapp is a Japanese app shop similar to Google Play, although its features are far superior to those of any other app store.

For manual installation, there are various download sources available (play store link, apple app store link, and direct download link). You may also use the Qooapp app to install any game with a single click.

Because Qooapp is only available in Japanese, most users outside of Japan are uninterested in using it. However, it is now officially available in English as well, which is why it has become so popular.

Yes, you can now download the official Qooapp English version apk from the link provided below.

QooApp Download for Android

You may download all of the latest hot games from Japan, China, and Korea using QooApp APK. As all of the games are downloaded directly from the Google Play Server, it is completely safe to use. Hence, lets understand the steps to download QooApp on Android:

  • To begin, enable unknown sources in the device’s security settings.
  • Then, from the link, download the QooApp APK file.
  • Also, wait until the downloading is done.
  • Locate the APK file in the File Explorer’s download folder.
  • Install the QooApp APK file on your smartphone by clicking on it.
  • Accept several permissions after that, and then open it.
  • The majority of the applications will be in Chinese or Japanese when you first access them.
  • To understand the words, choose your preferred language.

Download QooApp for PC

You may also visit this app store on a PC, but you’ll need to install Bluestacks, an Android emulator. We’ll go through how to download QooApp for PC in this article:

  • To begin, download and install the Bluestack emulator from this link.
  • After you’ve installed Bluestack on your PC, you’ll need to open it.
  • Now, go to this website and download the App Store APK file.
  • Choose “Open with Bluestacks” from the context menu when you right-click on the APK file.
  • After you’ve completed the installation, open the app in Bluestack Player and begin downloading the game lists from the App Store.

When you open QooApp for PC, the interface will be similar to that of the Android app, as will the functionalities.

Download QooApp for iOS

The QooApp iOS Download App is available on the iTunes Store, and you can acquire it by following these simple instructions:

  • Start by going to the iTunes Store on your iPhone.
  • Remove your old Apple ID from your account.
  • Make a new ID with Japan as its locale.
  • Then go to the App Store and download something.
  • Search for the name QooApp download iOS in the App Store.
  • On the screen, the app’s name and an icon will also appear.
  • Wait for the download to finish before selecting the install option.
  • Open the app and begin downloading new games after it has been downloaded.

The only method to get QooApp for iPhone is to create a new account and choose Japan as your location. If you have iTunes Store installed, you can do something similar on your iPhone or Mac.

Qooapp pc features

It provides numerous capabilities to its users as a third-party app store. Let’s take a look at what the third-party app shop has to offer:

  • All of the most recent Chinese, Korean, and Japanese games are available.
  • The app store has a user-friendly interface that is written in English.
  • Users can download and play high-quality games with this application.
  • The games can be downloaded without a username or password.
  • To make it easier to find apps, they’ve been grouped into categories.
  • It contains a community where you can debate the latest games and live game events where you may join.
  • It is also accessible for multiple platforms and is free to download.

When it comes to acquiring Chinese and Japanese games/apps, the QooApp apk Download App is one of the best third-party apps. It facilitates the download of games from many countries for gamers. In addition, the software can be used in up to 11 other languages, including English.


That’s it, folks; I believe most of us are unaware of this app, which is critical in Japanese Anime Games. QooApp allows you to play Anime games with your favorite childhood Anime characters. If this article has helped you, please share it with your friends and family who enjoy playing anime games.

This guide mostly covers “How to Download QooApp Apk” and “How to Install QooApp Apk” for Android and iOS to enjoy Japan Anime Games in your country. If you have any problems downloading or installing QooApp, please let us know in the comments section.

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