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How to delete Bookmarks on chrome?

We open the chrome browser almost every day for information, at times we feel that some web pages are helpful for future needs. One way of saving the website details is by copying the URL to some file where we may forget the file name or location. The other simplest method is to bookmark the webpage in the chrome browser itself. If we keep on bookmarking every day it becomes a big list of bookmarks. So, we can delete Bookmarks on chrome after you feel it’s not required anymore.

This article guides you on how to remove bookmarks on chrome in just simple steps. Follow the below steps to delete bookmarks on chrome from any device like mobile phone, windows device, and macOS device.


Delete Bookmarks on chrome from your Mobile phone

If the chrome Bookmarks on your Android mobile phone are no longer required, delete them. By Deleting the bookmarks from the browser’s bookmarks list, you no longer be able to retrieve them. So, choose the bookmarks carefully before moving them to the trash. The deleted bookmarks are permanently removed from the Google sync.

Steps to delete google bookmarks on chrome android:

  1. Open the chrome browser from your android phone.
  2. Click on the collapsible menu (three vertical dots)at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Tap on the option “Bookmarks” from the available ones in the list.
  4. Open the Bookmarks folder and choose the bookmarks to be deleted.
  5. Click the collapsible menu again and tap on the delete option to delete the bookmark.
  6. There is another option to delete by clicking on“Edit Bookmarks”.
  7. From here click on the trash or Bin symbol to remove any bookmark.

How to delete all Bookmarks on chrome Windows machine

We can delete the chrome Bookmarks folder in two ways here:1. Through Bookmark Manager 2. From the Run dialog box. Go with either of the methods to remove bookmarks from the page. Let’s see the steps to remove bookmarks through the Bookmarks manager.

  1. Click on the collapsible menu from the right corner of the page and open the bookmarks option to see the bookmarks.
  2. Right-click on any Bookmark and select delete to remove it permanently.
  3. Open the “Bookmarks Manager” option from the menu where you can see all the available bookmarks.
  4. From the collapsible menu of each bookmark choose the delete option to delete them.

The second method to delete bookmarks on Chromebook is from the run dialog box.

  1. Open the Run search box manually or by clicking windows key + R.
  2. Now type “%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default” and press enter.
  3. From the list of files available in the folder, scroll down to locate the Bookmarks file.
  4. Right-click on the file and delete it to remove the bookmarks.
  5. This method removes all the stored bookmarks at once from this device.

Again, make sure that you are logged into a particular google account from which you want to remove the bookmarks. You can delete bookmarks only from one account, not from all other accounts. Also, you can delete the bookmarks saved on one particular device but not from any other devices, where you signed in with the same account.

How to delete Bookmarks on chrome on mac

If you are working on a macOS-based device, then you must be used with the command line commands. Using the simple commands from the terminal you can delete the bookmarks in chrome.

Go to your terminal command line and route to the following directory path from your account.

$ cd ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/

Once you are in this path remove the bookmarks file from the path using the below command.

$ rm Bookmarks

Once you do this it will remove all the bookmarks saved on the chrome browser. When you bookmark any page next time it starts a new page freshly. To see the newly created bookmarks file, go to the path mentioned here.

~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can delete the bookmarks file any time in the future if it gets cluttered.


Deleting the entire bookmarks file is not a good practice where you lose all kinds of bookmarks in one go. When it comes to removing bookmarks one-by-one is also a typical task if there are many bookmarks. Hence, managing your bookmarks is important. So that you can delete folders wise when it is really required, instead of losing all bookmarks.

You can follow the same procedure to remove favorites from any other browsers also. Few are having a question that does bookmarks get cleared on deleting browsing history and cache? The answer is no it’s not practical. System browsing cache and bookmarks are two different things here that are not related to each other. Hope the article is helpful to answer your questions about deleting bookmarks from chrome. Follow other articles on the same site for similar kinds of questions.



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