How to access Google Gravity and Google Underwater?

Google gravity and Google Underwater: We all know that Google is the most widely used search engine, as it can answer most of its user’s questions. The features and reliability of all the Google services, products are at the top level. Google is trying to optimize its user’s life day by day and it is trying to make our boring searches fun by introducing tricks like Google gravity and Google underwater. Does this article help you with how to access Google gravity and Google Underwater?

Google is serving its customers with many of its services. Many of us cannot imagine our happy day without google’s involvement. It is enhancing our knowledge and skills, Google maps are directing us to unknown destinations.

Your fingers type the word Google almost every day. There is also an option to customize the Google home page, to make your Google landing page interesting. Google can share all your feeling too, amazing right! For this, you can access Google gravity and Google underwater tricks.

One can interact with Google virtual assistant for any help and to make your work easy. Similarly, Google introduced some entertaining features like Google gravity, Google underwater, Google Anti Gravity, Google Zero gravity, google no gravity, broken google, google water, gravity google, Mr doob, dr doob,  Google Sphere, and more.


What is Google gravity?

Have you ever observed falling words on the Google home page? or observed any fish moving in water, under the google search bar? This is Google’s humorous feature. Google gravity is the magical search theme, which can refrain you from seeing the same boring homepage every day. The series of Google plays and tricks are there to entertain us. It involves themes, games, animations, wallpaper, and more.

How to access Google gravity


Accessing Google gravity is just a 2 min process in simple steps given below. If you wish to have an attractive Google search page, let’s set it up.

  1. Open Google’s search page as usual from your browser
  2. Now, type Google gravity on the search bar using either lower case or upper case alphabets
  3. Once, typed the word click on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option
  4. Here you can see Mr. doob’s URL, which looks similar to the Google search page. Hover the mouse anywhere on the screen and observe the magic of words crashing down or google falls apart.


What is Google underwater?

The Google gravity theme is impressive and different. And you can also customize the search page with a sea theme, where you can see a water blue screen with moving fish and sharks. This looks like the Google search page is under a blue sea. So, this theme is named Google underwater.

This is another marvelous feature of the Google search page. Which makes your search page similar to a beautiful aquarium with colorful fish in it. in google underwater theme the fish and shark count increases with every search.

How to access Google underwater

accessing google underwater is similar to accessing the Google gravity page. You can follow the steps give below to set up the google underwater theme on your browser.

  1. Visit like every time you do.
  2. In Google’s search bar type ‘Google underwater’ either in uppercase or lower case alphabets
  3. Now, tap on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option to see your search page underwater with fish and sharks in it.
  4. It becomes more fun when the fish and shark count increases for every search.

What is Gooogle Antigravity?

Google Antigravity is another trick of Google. You can access Google Antigravity in a similar way you access Google gravity. Here the interface looks similar to the Google gravity trick but the only difference is Google search will do a barrel roll here. With Google Anti Gravity you can move each and every button in the google landing page. After doing Google Anti gravity all the buttons float on the page like free objects in space.

You may find some other Google’s magic features like Zerg Rush, Recursion, Thanos, Askew, Atari Breakout, Anagram, and Barrel Roll.


To have some fun in your free time while working, one can apply Google tricks. Google gravity sphere, google underwater, Google Anti Gravity, google zero gravity or google 0 gravity, i’m feeling lucky google gravity,  google gravity Mr doob, google water type,  etc., and applying some interesting wallpaper to Google’s search page indicates Google’s humor and care for users. You can play a prank with someone, who is not aware of Google tricks.  To access any other tricks of Google just follow the above-mentioned procedures.

All the Google float tricks are humorous and different from each other. Some users say that they are addicted to these tricks at their leisure. Hope this article helps you to add more fun and joy to you. Comment about your experience after accessing Google tricks for the first time.


Is Google Mirror by Google?

Yes, Google is the backward version of

What happened to Elgoog?

Elgoog still exists and is owned by google and maintained in China. It is available for china users and gives results in a backward manner. But this is not functional as redirects all its searches to the Hongkong Google site.

How to access google gravity underwater?

  1. In the Google search bar type google under water.
  2. Select ” I’m Feeling Lucky” option
  3. That’s all you are on Google underwater page now, have fun

What would be google’s response to the question i love you google?

If you open your google virtual voice assistant and say “i love you google” then you will get the below responses. ” Love is the most beautiful feeling, it makes everything worthwhile “  along with a smiley symbol added. So let’s give a funny voice command ” love you google” or “i love google” today   “You Love Me? This Is A Wonderful day” along with a smiley symbol added.



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