5 Distinct Cameras to Look for From Your Security Distributor

Are you looking to revamp your commercial estate or home for safety? The first thing to do is to make sure you have a reliable and trustworthy physical security distributor contact.

Did you know that the physical security market is projected to grow to AUD 186.4 billion by 2026? The increased number of security threats and high-level technology available will contribute to this projected growth.

Nowadays, you have various physical security cameras to choose from in the security distributor’s catalogue.

Read on if you are confused about what kind of cameras to choose to enhance your physical security.


Types of Security Cameras

You will need outdoor and indoor surveillance at home or in commercial establishments for maximum security.

Indoor surveillance cameras are necessary to maintain the security of your home, office, or store. These cameras have high tech capabilities with night vision, motion detection, and more.

Outdoor surveillance will enable you to enrich the physical security of your outdoor environments like gardens, the porch, and more. You’ll be able to procure cameras with two-way audio sirens, waterproof design, colour night vision, wi-fi connectivity, and more from the security distributor.

5 Distinct Cameras to Look for From Your Security Distributor

Here are the different cameras you can choose from to enhance your physical security:

Box Cameras

Box cameras are flexible, and you can design them the way you want to ensure your security. They are professional-grade cameras that are perfect for commercial establishments.

You can customise your lens and the camera’s body to ensure a flawless installation. Plus, these cameras are dual voltage and durable physical security cameras.

Wireless IP Cameras

Wireless IP cameras are digital video cameras that work using the Internet Protocol. Most of these cameras are webcams or netcams that require a LAN or a Network Video Recorder.

These cameras will alert you effectively and record activity indoors or outdoors directly into any storage device.

Furthermore, wireless IP cameras offer crystal clear imaging and a better management system and motion detection.

Wide Dynamic Range Cameras

Wide Dynamic Range Cameras are superior cameras; they can enhance the lighting in the video relay. These cameras generally have a unique software that adjusts the lighting to ensure you get a clear image.

If you stay in a place with less light inside and bright light outside, the camera will ensure you get a wide range of lighting.

360-Degree Cameras

Wouldn’t it be a boon to know the activity happening around your home to the full extent? 360-degree cameras are perfect for that. These cameras use a fisheye lens with a single sensor and offer you a 360° view.

One of the significant benefits of these cameras is that you won’t need to invest in several cameras. These cameras will capture the motion in all directions.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras use heat energy to show you the motions in and around your indoor and outdoor facilities. These are perfect for areas with dark or harsh environments. Suppose there is any threat on your premises, they emit heat, and you’ll be able to detect the intruders.

Thermal cameras will work in any weather and ensure your physical security. Plus, these work well with Digital IP and Analog MPX systems.


Your physical security is essential. So, it is always a good idea to invest in the best security cameras. You need security cameras for outdoor and indoor surveillance.

You can choose from box cameras, wireless IP cameras, thermal cameras, wide dynamic range cameras, 360-degree cameras, etc. Keep in mind that you must look for the best security distributor and choose cameras that help secure your homes.

The cameras provide security solutions to improve your situational awareness and deter crime. Honestly, what more could you need, right?

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