4 Types of Diamond Rings You Should Know Before Your Engagement


4 Types of Diamond Rings You Should Know Before Your Engagement

Australia has a substantial industrial sector that drivers the economy of the country. A lot of employment and revenue gets generated through the mining industry. Australia has been one of the largest precious metals and stones producers. For example, it is regarded as one of the world’s biggest diamond producers.

Brisbane, Queensland, is amongst the most popular areas to find excellent jewellery stores to buy precious stones and metals. If you are searching for engagement rings in Brisbane, you will find a couple of options in the neighbourhood to get bespoke rings and jewellery sets.

Buying an engagement ring is a big decision. You want to make sure that your ring choice is loved by your partner and makes them feel happy about it. Boys and jewellery shopping don’t go hand in hand, so this article will help you understand different diamond rings so that it becomes much easier for you to pick the right one for your partner.

Types of Diamond Rings

You can find diamond rings in Brisbane according to different cuts, and stone colour, and size. To buy a ring of your choice, you must know the difference between different diamond rings and call. A diamond ring is defined based on its cut. So, here is a list of diamond cut rings commonly purchased by Aussies living in Brisbane.


1. A Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

One of the most popular and trending designs in engagement rings is the cushion cut. It grabs attention because of its large faceted cut and soft round edges, giving it an elegant and pleasing look. It has a vintage appearance but a modern twist that makes it perfect for a girl who is old school yet very practical in her approach.


2. A Heart Shape Diamond Ring

The heart is the symbol of love, and what better than a heart-shaped engagement ring? You get two options in a heart-shaped ring. Either you can pick a ring that has many small diamonds assembled in the shape of a heart. Or you can choose a solitaire ring in the shape of a heart. Well, a lady with a heart of gold truly deserves a big heart to show how much you love her.  For as long as you can think of


3. A Black Diamond Ring

A woman with a tough shell on the outside but a soft and pure soul deserves a big black diamond. It is a sharp and rare diamond that is known for its uniqueness and undefined beauty. A black diamond is a timeless piece and will always overpower other diamonds. To find black diamond engagement rings in Brisbane might be difficult, but not impossible if you know where to go.

4. A Pearl Cut Diamond Ring

The pearl cut is another excellent diamond cut that most men select for the love of their life. Trilogy, Halo, Solitaire are some of the common stones preferred diamonds used in preparing a pearl cut diamond ring. It has the shape of a water droplet and is a perfect pick for calm, sophisticated and elegant girls.


Several other cuts are popular in diamond rings. But these four are the top picks in Brisbane and would make every girl happy when proposed with a solid and stunning diamond ring. So, if you are looking for engagement rings in Brisbane and wondering where to go, simply go to your browser and look at the list of top jewellery stores near you to get some reputed names.

Before buying a ring, make sure you give the jeweller the correct measurements and details so that even if you want to get some customisation done before the big day, you can get it done in advance.

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